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Anyone out there familiar with Geneforge 2? I have Sharon's quest to go into the secret tunnel - but I can't find it. I've scoured Sharon's Grove on every border and throughout the center with no luck. Any one know where it is?

Also, if anyone knows: where is Nora? In the walkthrough in the hintbooks from Spiderweb it refers to a quest given by Nora in Drypeak Warrens - but again, I can't find her any where in that zone.

HELP! Please. Thank you.
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If I remember correctly, Sharon is talking about the "tunnel" which is a map area leading to the inner valley. So just return to Sharon once you've passed through that area.

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Nora is down the passage way to the left of Zackery.
She's a dark red and blue guardian.

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You cannot miss the tunnel -- you need to pass trough if you want to proceed. I think the area name is "Secret Tunnel".

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The tunnel is on the other side of the Salt Marshes. Be sure to return and see Shanti before going through the center door just inside the Secret Tunnel. I forgot to and missed some easy experience points.
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