Two questions which have plagued me

AuthorTopic: Two questions which have plagued me
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Two unsolved mysteries for me in Geneforge 3, even after years of play:

1. After clearing out the basement on the first island, the shopkeeper mentions that he has unlocked a cabinet. Where is this cabinet?! I've searched everywhere, and there is nothing which I can open after doing the quest which I couldn't beforehand.

2. At two points in the game, you find dead serviles with specials markings on a strip of bark. Does this have any relevance whatsoever in the game, or is it just a red herring?

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1. I believe the cabinet is back down in the basement.

2. What? Where?

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1. You have probably already opened it, I think. Or what BookWorm said.

2. Hmm? You mean the Cultists?

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I wonder about the sequence written on the bark too.

You find the first in the swamps above San Ru, off to the side.

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I'm not sure, but I think they allow you to read a letter in the MOT.
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