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Does anybody still have a copy of the trainer that Xixao made a couple of years ago for geneforge 2?

I have tried to get it from his site that is listed, however the site is offline. If you have a copy, please email it to me or pm me with a link.

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Oh that. I think I might of downloaded a copy, buyt I probably threw it out because I own a Mac. I'll have a look though.

EDIT: It's gone.

Any PC people here still got it?

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I have a Mac. I have a trainer. I have POWER.
I have the Croikle's trainer, if someone wants.

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I don't have a PC, but here's the trainer.

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That was the post I was refering to, the link to the trainer is down. It appears that the server is competely down. So, I was hoping that someone had a copy still laying around.

Thanks though.
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I have a copy of one of the .exe trainers. I'll just look up the old post and look at the pics to make sure it's the right one.

Yeah. It's the right trailer. Just had to test it (never actually needed to use it), and am now uploading it. Go Broadband.

EDIT: You can now get it here.

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Thanks alot, That's was exactly what I was looking for.

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