The starting town?

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AuthorTopic: The starting town?
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Is there anyway to remove the town every scenario starts with? I'm talking about the default medium sized town that IS NOT the Warrior's Grove.
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No. You can place the start location in a town other than town #0 (See A Small Rebellion and Rats Aplenty for examples). Sadly, town #0 is fated to be a medium sized town.

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That should be the next thing to add to the editor. The ability to choose the size for town 0.

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Originally written by Dahak:

That should be the next thing to add to the editor. The ability to choose the size for town 0.
Eh. It's not a big deal. It's just another town. You can easily make another town and just ignore t0 if you don't want any medium sized towns. There's definitely things I'd rather see fixed if JV was gonna fix stuff.

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I dunno. So much of BoA and AvernumScript is work-arounds. I realize that things like this aren't a priority, but still...

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