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In other words, Drakey is Allah.

Dahak - not sure about the bridge, because I don't know what your intention is there. I still think that a floating flagstone or cobblestone (thin) would be a scarier crossing, but if that isn't the mood then a regular bridge does look better. I also liked the hills, but they do block out much of the void. Whatever you end up with, you are starting with something superb, and have made me rethink things on my weak start.

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I agree - a thinner stone bridge is what I had envisioned. Also, I liked the hills for the columns better - regular earth just floating in the void like small islands is much more disconcerting and cool, IMO. :)
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You know, hills would probably work better.

This is supposed to a free floating island in space.

I decided to try and shift the cliff type. If this looks better and conveys the floating island look, then I'll probably got back to hills.

Actually, the bridge isn't supposed to be "spooky". This is the bridge to a luxury (Very!) home of a company president. Private island!

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Hopefully you'll be spending as much time on the plot as you are on making this one part look pretty...

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