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AuthorTopic: Thing to help with spellchecking
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I've made a program that takes all the strings from the script files of a scenario and puts them in one file, so you can sort out typos and so on with less hassle. Once you've done that, it can put all the changes back into the original scripts.

If this is useful, or needs feature X, or deletes all your files, let me know.

Get it here: astring (For MacOS X)

Source: astring source (C source code, should be reasonably portable)

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Ick, another command line program. Oh well, it's probably going to be really useful. Thanks!

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Ick, another command line program. Oh well, it's probably going to be really useful. Thanks!
It's definitely useful. He sent me a list of about 50 spellnig mistakes in total, it took me a good half-hour to fix them all! But considerin that my system didn't find them...
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Sounds useful.

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