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AuthorTopic: Nature lore
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Is avoiding monsters and recognising herbs a pre-prgrammed or user-programmed aspect of Nature Lore?
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Avoiding monsters is pre-programmed, finding herbs is (unless I'm extremely mistaken) user-programmed. Ultimately, Nature Lore should never come in handy enough for you to train in it, unless there's an abundance of wandering monsters- in which case the scenario is probably terrible.

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Although designers may program in rewards for those who use the skill points to train in nature lore. It's applicability is really up to the community.

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I can think of several uses of Nature Lore for scenarios.

1) Increased chance of finding alchemical ingredients.

2) A chance to find food.

3) A way to avoid wandering monsters.

4) Some dungeons should be hidden and only findable with nature lore. Dense overgrowth etc.

5) Some encounters should not be available unless you have nature lore. You are asked to track down a fugitive.-- Can function as a tracking skill.

6) Eventually allows pathfinder.

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7) A higher chance to get certain trade items offsome enemies. Meat and furs off your bear and the like.

I have always had the opinion that hunting should be a valid, if slow, way to get food and gold.
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