Fist damage?

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AuthorTopic: Fist damage?
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I'm curious how damage for hand-to-hand combat is determined. Like, which stats are used? How is accuracy determined?
(And most importantly, how much damage?)

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It seems that fist damage is something like 1-3 + 1-3 * level, but I'm not sure (I just tested it and the max a level one with 1 str got was 6).

No idea on the rest.
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Wilfred, base “Punches” are determined by your strength, and the armour of the opponent. Standard values such as Pole or Melee do not affect punching. Only a very high level character (or a GOD character) will be able to use punching to good effect. But, for the rest of us, with a standard character, even a Kitchen Knife would be better for punching.

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Blademaster and anatomy will help greatly your fury-fisted character deal damage. Dexterity improves your chance to hit, as always.

I do not think that assassination applies to fists, but if it does, then all the more power to punches. Same goes for lethal blow.

I know that the punches had not a damage cap in A1-A3, but that is not a problem in BoA. I have never tried to build a punching character in A1, though I have experienced the possibilities of punching by using the character editor to make a God PC.

I believe accuracy starts at 40% and goes up in increments of 5%. Damage from strength progresses slowly, at no where near the rate of melee weapons which have large dice numbers for their bonus.

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