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AuthorTopic: Adding custom items
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I created a custom item using paint and when I put it into my scenario for some reason the colour of the object is a few tones darker then it was in paint, is their anyway to get my items to keep their original colour?

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This is probably due to the way Blades formats the object. Try making the object a few tones lighter and see if that works.

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You should also make sure the icon adjust variable is set to the correct value.
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i had a similar problem: a perfect blue changed to be slightly purple. icon adjust is ok.

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Reopen the file in paint, and have another look. When you save, the colours may have been changed. Paint works badly with palette changes. Also check that your colours are to the correct format - remember, BoA takes 256 colour 8 bit bitmaps.

Finally, lighting and shadows may alter your colours. Or perhaps its psychological?
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hehe. Maybe a shrink would be benificial?

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Originally written by FZ:

Reopen the file in paint
Oh, I didn't metion that I work with photoshop 6.0, not paint!
and i know how to change it, my profession are graphics, but i'm not willing to change it...

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