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AuthorTopic: what the heck?
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i just finished diplomacy with the dead, i download the scen editor open the manual and fall apart by 1.4
it is EXTREMELY hard to understand that damn guide! i didnt understand A_N_Y_T_H_I_N_G...anyone wanna clarify?

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Reading the docs straight through is hard if you don't have any BoE or other programming experience. My suggestion is to read a piece of the docs and then open up the editor and play around with it for a bit, and then read more of the docs, and then play with the editor, and just keep alternating between them. It takes a lot of time, but you won't get quite as frustrated.

Oh, and use the editor to look at VoDT. Jeff has pretty good commentaries on what's going on in the scripts there, so you can sort of see how it all fits together.

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I suggest going beck to section 1.1, rereading it, and going through all the steps in it.

Scenario design is not easy, not at all. It's a complicated system. But it is possible, with not much work, to make simple scenarios. Go back to the step by step guide in 1.1 and work through it. Make simple scenarios and play through them yourself for fun for a little while. Only then, when you're comfortable with the basics, move to the scary stuff beyond.

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If you don't understand something, re-read it and try experimenting with it in the editor.

Also, I recommend skipping the part about creature, terrain, and item scripts until reading the basic scripting part. That's what I did.

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I, personally, have a small tutorial scenario I made for myself to test the calls in.
Avernumscript isn't easy, but if you bash your head for a long while (and you will), you'll get it eventually. Knowledge of basic algebra, booleans, and at least one other scripting language help here. (Walking into this I was vaguely familiar with Javascript, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been.)

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I'm very familiar with PHP, vaugely with JavaScript, even vauger with C, so I picked up Avernumscript easy as pie.

As for maths, I find it totally unrelated to my scripting ability.

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I only have experience of BASIC, but avernumscript doesn't look too hard. The maths and boolean stuff i've been doing for years anyway.

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Originally written by Snuff ling kin:

As for maths, I find it totally unrelated to my scripting ability.
Depends on what you want to do. A lot of simple scripts can be written without much math.

However, much more complicated scripts like ones I have been doing in the Monsters thread do have quite a bit of math, such as probability and modular arithmetic.
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