Hey, Monster- Stay Put!

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AuthorTopic: Hey, Monster- Stay Put!
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I have a guard who I want to stay put. How can I do this?

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Do you mean absolutely stay put? To glue him or her to a spot, set memory cell 0 to either 2 (never move ever) or 1 (move if a target appears) [page 39 of Editor manual].

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Unless you aren't using the basicnpc script.

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There's also the nullmonst script in the VoDT folder.

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First, check the description at the top of the script. Frequently, there is a value you can give to a memory cell to make the monster immobile. For example, in the guard.txt script, setting memory cell 0 to 1 or 2 gives various flavors of immobility.

Second, the set_mobility call can stop any monster in its tracks permanently.

Third, you can make any monster never move by never giving it any calls that might make it move. This includes do_attack, by the way. If you want the monster to use regular attacks, you'll need to use set_mobility.

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