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AuthorTopic: Mac Editor v1.0.6
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I've just put up version 1.0.6 on my utilities page today. It now supports scrolling the terrain, creature, and item palettes with a mouse scroll wheel, and adds the ability to delete any town in the scenario; whether or not it is the final one.

EDIT: By the way; while I've tested the town deletion tool; it may not be bullet proof. I'd recommend that early adopters try it with caution, keeping backups of their work.

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Hail Niemand! Finally there's an option to delete towns other than the last!


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Downloaded. You, sir, are a saint.

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EDIT: Niemand wins at life.

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As prompted by Ephesos' former above comment (former comment above? abovely comment former?), I've just put up a version with a tiny fix so that the editor will shut up and run on 'millions of colors' displays. (It seems that whoever wrote the depth switching function never envisioned a display which only supports depths greater than 16 bits.) If it was running for you already then there's no reason to rush out and update, but if you were getting a dialog complaining about the screen depth with only two options, both of which caused the program to exit, this should help.

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Scroll wheel? Wow, that's wonderful!
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