Party Imbalance (A2-Lvls)

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AuthorTopic: Party Imbalance (A2-Lvls)
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I created a 2 character party with a mix of advantages. The problem is one of my characters has something like an 80% xp penalty and the other has a 50% one.

Unfortunately it's gotten to the point where the level difference makes playing the game difficult. Fighter is at level 9 while Mage/Priest is at level 16.

Any ideas for evening them out? Will the XP gain eventually get lower as her level increases?

As is the game is becoming increasingly difficult to play, I'm into Chapter 3 and just took care of Elderan's tower. My fighter would die every major battle if I didn't buff both characters up considerably. And even then with repeated Beast Ceremony/shields/haste it was extraordinarily difficult.
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A2 does allow you to leave a character behind, but your fighter isn't able to do much on his own. It will get a little better as your higher level character gets less XP versus monsters.

Best thing is to armor up your fighter and try to raise their levels by doing easier stuff for a while.
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Keep an eye out for Knowledge brews as well; it'll help iron out the difference between the fighter and the mage on a pure skill-point ratio level.

Also, try leaving the Mage behind and doing easier stuff like Randomizer suggested for a while.

And finally, note that the fighter will catch up with the mage eventually; it just takes time and a lot of patience (and even then, I've noticed that fighters in A2 tend to suck)

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