A1 : Graphical Glitches in towns/camps/forts

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AuthorTopic: A1 : Graphical Glitches in towns/camps/forts
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Hello there.

I've found about theses game yesterday and decided to give them a try, so have I used the demo of A1 in order to get a better advice about the content.

Sadly it seems something isnt going well :
When my world map is fine it seems I cant get the local (city's, camps, let's say maps where are critters to display).

So far I have tried to reboot, reinstall the game an d multiple game restart, no change.

My config :
Athlon xX 4800
Gf 7800 GTX
2x2Go DDR 2700
All drivers up to date and running fime.

Any insight ?
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It might help if you give the operating system you are using. Some of the older games don't work well with Windows Vista and some older versions of Mac's Leopard operating systems.

For Windows you have to go and specify that you want to run the program as if in XP operating system.
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In Windows XP, when you are in Windows Explorer you can right-click on a program and choose the Compatibility tab. This tab has settings that enable older games to be run as though you were using an older version of Windows.
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Win XP SP2.

Just tried using W98 compatility mode, seems better now :)

Thanks you both.

Edit : Hm, in fact it may have been cause I wasn't using any light source :x
My bad, I'm far to used at 3D shadows that I havent mind about using some more light. Still it may have been more clear if it wasn't any fow around the PCs..

Thanks again.

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It happens.

I also found a graphics glitch in A1, albeit a minor one; in Fort Dranlon, some of the doors display the wrong graphic when you open them.

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