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Oh. That explains it.

EDIT: I hate it when that happens. My post is the first on a new page, and it's a vague one-liner.

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Vague one-liners make the world go 'round!

"It was simple after that."


And when you want to Live
How do you start?
Where do you go?
Who do you need to know?

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But if bears wolves and goblins survived the extermination of non humans why not tigers and lions?

You can jump off a bridge, fire a gun in your mouth, drink poison,or going in to the tiger's pit but you will still end up dead it's a mater of time and how .
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A tiger is more dangerous than a wolf. That's why.

"Oh, North Wind, why frighten others?
In Nature's family all are brothers.
Puff and blow and wheeze and hiss;
You can't frighten Shingebiss.
Bring your frost and ice and snow;
I'm still free to come and go.
You can never frighten me,
One who never fears is FREE!"
-Shingebiss, the mighty duck
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Wolves may be extinct everywhere by Valorim, and tigers and lions may be extinct in the only areas to which they're native. I'd guess not, but it's possible. They're scary, but they're also majestic enough that there's almost certainly some zoo or preserve somewhere so that the Empire's finest can gawk at big cats.

—Alorael, who is pretty sure goblins aren't extinct because they, like roaches, can and will survive anything. They also may spontaneously generate from moldy meat and/or unattended caves.
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Goblins always survive. Play Nethergate to see why.

The other animals may not be native to the areas that we get to see. The Empire is pretty good about eliminating what it considers undesireables.
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