Benefits of joining then leaving Anama in A3?

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AuthorTopic: Benefits of joining then leaving Anama in A3?
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In Avernum 3, are there any residual benefits from joining then leaving Anama, or are all of of the knowledge and attributes gained stripped when you leave?

If any benefits remain, could someone explain what they are? Thank you very much!
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There isn't much benefit to joining them in the first place. You get some cheaper spells and such (which you get to keep even if you leave), but you can learn them elsewhere anyway, so there's no real point.

Nothing gets taken away from you when you leave except your rings, though.

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The only point of joining the Anama is to try out the 'challenge' of completing the game without use of mage spells.

Joining then leaving again is just pointless.

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In Exile the mage spell levels get added to priest levels plus the additional Anama levels. In Avernum you only get the Anama levels and lose the mage levels.

It is a challenge in both games to use potions and other items to mimic mage spells.
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If you want to join the Anama, I'd recommend you do it from the onset (this means heading to Bigail immediately, avoiding the roaches). It's quite a waste if you have a full mage become useless.

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There are two 'anama only' shops that each sell 8 knowledge brews (a 1200). If you for some reason can afford it before you leave again.

Joining and leaving might not be worth it. My singleton stayed there happily though.
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In Exile, joining and leaving was a great idea because of the free priest spell levels. There is really no reason to do it in Avernum though, I wouldn't suggest joining at all unless you already have no mages in your party. A group of warrior priests would see huge benefit joining from free spell levels and cheap spells and items.

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