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AuthorTopic: Stuck at the end: Av1
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Well, time for another silly Shine-question:
I gave up on the 'final gauntlet', having grown terribly bored with running around in the dark and turning wheels. At this point I don't really care if I do find the exit (mainly because I've already played Av2 and 3, and I really dislike puzzles where you have to take a wild guess in what order to push buttons or flip switches).

However, now I made it to the platform in the lava past the Black Spire, hoping something interesting will happen (portal to the surface?) but nothing does.
Does this mean I have to go back and find the exit, after all? Beyond tedious, at this point. Or am I missing something else? I have the five brooches.
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I'm not sure, but you might have to get past the Final Gauntlet and beat the 2nd quest before beating the 3rd quest. I could be wrong though. Also, did you talk to Erika after you got all five brooches? I had the same problem when I played at A1 at one point. You have to talk to her once you have the brooches, and then go to the platform. At this point, she should appear and tell you how to go through the portal to kill Hawthorne.

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You can do the final 3 quests in any order. Running the final gauntlet is not required in order to kill Hawthorne.

As Tyranicus says, you need to talk to Erika, collect the brooches, and follow the appropriate dialogue options before you can use the teleporter.

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If you already hit 3 of the 4 switches.. you are ohhhh so close... You might as well finish the Final Gauntlet.

Let me guess.. You missed the one that is in a secret door on the SE room?

As for getting the 5 brooches and facing Hawthorne--. Make sure you have Thanril's Orb from the Waterfall Warrens. And make sure you know how to use the royal seal on that fresco...

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