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Does anything ever happen here? I generally throw in a few coins whenever I pass just for the heck of it, but nothing's every happened :\

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From my experience and taking about twenty minutes to test it, it seems to be absolutely useless, unlike the wishing well in M&MVII, which is quite useful.

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Or the very same wishing well in A4, in which it is useful.

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That's when the wishing well gets very angry with you. Or maybe becomes happy to know it can solve a wish without having to do anything.

Dikiyoba wishes the wishing well would tell Dikiyoba whether it is angry or happy. Dikiyoba gives it a few coins. Nothing. Well, at least Dikiyoba found somewhere to dump those counterfeit coins.
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Just to reply, I have used it a few times. It seems that if your luck is high enough, you can steal the coins from it without people seeing you. Other than that, it has no other purpose I know of. :cool:

I forgot to mention. If you do steal from the pond and are caught, you lose 1 or 2 points of Reputation. Sorry I can't remember, it's been awhile. :( :cool:

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