Spells from Exile

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AuthorTopic: Spells from Exile
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I haven't dug out the Exile games since buying and playing Avernum, but... some things feel missing. Like, field-type spells (press spacebar to rotate), and mindduelling. I absolutely loved mindduelling. Unique, you don't see that in most run-of-the-mill RPGs. Even though at low levels it would hurt you.


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Most people are in agreement, but the new spell system is here to stay. A4 does offer some compromise and brings back the area effect spells, but the actual number of spells is quite limited.

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There's the big area spells, identify, food, scry monster, quickfire(never used, but seemed cool) spells that are missed.

But there is also the nonsensical pure glee of looking through a spell list of 140 spells in Exile 3 as opposed to ~40 in Avernum 3. Exile3 had 10 per level, 7 levels, mage and priest. I have a copy of the help file.

Nevermind that I dont use fewer spells in any given fight, and that lvl 1-2-3 serves almost the same purpose. I'm just a sucker for huge oversized spell lists.

I'm happy area spells are back in A4. Question: is it still possible to sometimes summon powerfull mages that in turn summon wimpy wolves?
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I don't think it's possible to summon mages. I certainly never got the exponentially increasing summon problem.

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Not exonential as such, but in A3 there was a few time a summoned mage, or simulacrum'ed(?) slith priest, would use wimpy summoning spells. Which I thought was incredibly cool, even if not always usefull.
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I hate it when the vampire in BoA's VoDT summons three more vampires. Which, in turn, sometimes summon ogre mages. Time to reload...

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