Av 2 - Problem using the soul crystal.

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AuthorTopic: Av 2 - Problem using the soul crystal.
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How do I control into which slot a creature gets captured? I have the two middle slots free, but when I try to capture a new creature, it saves it over one of my older creatures. I have an Ur-basilisk and a Haakai, and am trying to capture a Naga.

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You can't control that. it simply fills itself without you choosing in which slot it should go.

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You could always save before using Capture Soul and then reload if it copies over something else.

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The way around this, of course, is to save before casting Capture Soul and reload if it overwrites a monster you wanted to keep.

EDIT: Drakey got in a moment before me, so I'll salvage this post's usefulness by pointing out that a Naga isn't really a great choice of creature to put in your Soul Crystal anyway. Spellcasters tend to be more trouble than they're worth.

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I think the best way to go is to get a spectre and maybe a dervish or something else with a lot of health. Spectres do the most damage of anything that I can think of.

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