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AuthorTopic: Special Days
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Every Now and Then I Recieve a Message explaining Why That Particular Day Is Special. I Think That It Happens Once A Month. (Game Time)
Frost 29 - Battle Eve
The Anniversary Of Avernum's Mages Defeating Grah-Hoth
(All Spells Are Cheaper)
Is There Anywhere That I can Find A List Of These Dates?

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Uhm... I'm no expert, but I think at least one place is the hint books for each game. I don't own any of those books, but I hear that there's a calendar of sorts printed inside, with the days of each month, and the special days.
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Radiane 14: The day of recall. All shops are closed.
Empire 8: Night of vengenance. All melee weapons are cheaper.
Frost 29: Battle Eve. All spells are cheaper.
Rememberance 1: Avernum's birth. Training doesn't cost any gold.
Icefall 1: Low alignment. Melee attacks do half damage.
Suncome 15: High alignment. Melee attacks do double damage.
Evermoon 3: The Terror. More wandering encounters.

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always check on the sites listed above the threads in the "the avernum trilogy" subforum.
(or raches a3 site)

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Oh and on the first of every month in A2, you can enter the crypt, without anything.

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Uh, I think the crypt you are refering to is in A1

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Note that getting out isn't dependent on the date. That means both that you can't get trapped inside if the day changes and that if you do get trapped inside you shouldn't panic over the non-bug.

—Alorael, who would like to know if A3 has different special dates (as it should). He can't remember from playing.
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I don't think A3 has special days, but the towns deteriorate unless you stop the plagues. Some shops close, and I think some non-important people die.

EDIT: And there isn't anything in A3's hintbook about special days.

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