Party Making- What is your ideal starting party

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AuthorTopic: Party Making- What is your ideal starting party
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Class Sniper-Mage
Nimble Fingers atribute
Focus-Tool Use
1-3 Lvl of Mage+Priest

Class Sniper-Mage
Elite Warrior Atribute
Focus-Pole Weapons
1-3 Lvl of Mage+Priest

Class Sniper-Mage
Divinly Touched attribute
Focus-Melee Weapons
1-3 Lvl of Mage+Priest

Class Sniper-Mage
Atribute- Natural Mage
Good Education
Focus- Priest Spell
Mage Spell

The Sniper-Mage class, is my own invention, using mainly spells, and assasination, one can score large hits on monsters, while still having a back up plan if the manapoints run out, and not wasting the valuble mp of your more powerful mage, as a result of the creation of a priest-mage with melee.

plz feel free to email me answers at
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Uhh... I believe there's a topic already devoted to this kind of thing... just follow the link and head toward the light.

The Abominable Party-Building Topic

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Mine is:

Player 1:
Attributes:Elite Warrior, Srong Back/Toughness,
Type: Warrior,
Species (for A2 & A3): Human
A warrior investing in bows, assasination, melee, sometimes poleweapons,defense & hardiness.

Player 2:
Class: Custom
Attributes: Nimble Fingers, Fast On Feet,
Species (for A2 & A3):Nephil
An archer mainly for lockpicking & traps, investing in bows, assasination, a little melee, tool use, sometimes first aid, and some others to help.

Player 3:
Class: Custom
Attributes:Beastmaster, Divinely Touched,maybe Natural Mage,
Species (for A2 & A3):Slith/Human
A priest investing in Preist Spells, Cave/Nature Lore,
if slith Pole Weaps. , bows and some others to help.

Player 4:
Class: Custom
Attributes:Natural Mage,great renown, & maybe others
Species (for A2 & A3): Human,
A mage with Mage Spells, Potions, Bows, and others to help

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A single Slith warrior-priest. I'm sure Drakey would say something similar.

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I usually make my first two characters my big, meaty fighter-types with variations. My other two characters are mage and priest spellcasters and tend to have very low intelligence until both their casting skills are high enough to cast almost everything.

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I have almost always gone with a high-melee-fighter, thief\archer, mage, and priest.

Pretty basic. But im gonna toy around with some other stuph.

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My ideal starting 'party' is a single fighter-priest.

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Mines is pretty similar to JadeWolf's, and the default, but with only player 2 getting bows. Also I never use the default characters; I make my own with the Custom type. So it's like:

human fighter
elite warrior & fast on feet
assassination, melee weapons, (throwing weaps)

nephil archer/thief
nimble fingers, fast on feet
archery, tools, (melee, assassination)

slith priest/fighter
natural mage, something else
priest spells, pole weapons, (assassination)
This one starts out just a priest, but gets weapon skills later on.

human mage
natural mage, something else (i can't remember these)
mage spells, alchemy, (perhaps melee)
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