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AuthorTopic: A2 Easter Egg
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Are the Efreet at the end of the long tunnel near Erika's tower supposed to be unplayable? I've fought Efreet before, but never encountered any who blast you 50+ HP before you even see them, then have all the first moves regardless of Beast Ceremony, haste potions, etc. Plus they seem to have a tiny bit of AI which means they keep going at one person until they're dead rather than spreading out the damage...sorry, but it annoys me! Has anyone ever got through this without using the character editor (which I despise as a sign of weakness)? Is the Easter Egg any good?

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It is the toughest outdoor encounter in the game. They are beatable, although it depends on your luck. If they get off two attacks, then the battle is pretty tough. Otherwise, use haste level 3 immediately after they attack, send your fighters in and maybe use divine warrior once or twice (probably on your priest or mage so that they can counteract other spells).

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If you have potions of invulnerability, this is definitely the time to use them.

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ive never encountered efreet around erikas tower, at least i dont remember any such encounter.
its possible, though, that i just killed them liked that and didnt notice because my only party that got so far was a heavily edited one.

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Originally written by Rent-an-Ihrno:

its possible, though, that i just killed them liked that and didnt notice because my only party that got so far was a heavily edited one.
I don't think it is. You'd notice a fight like this one. Also, I'm pretty sure you have to go through a long (secret?) passage to get to the group of Efreet, so you may have missed it.

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Any relation to the Efreet weapon smith in that area in E2? If you have to use the Orb of Thralni to get there it's probably just a guard so you can't get über augmented weapons if you don't deserve them.

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Nope, no relation to the smith. This fight really isn't supposed to be won reasonably, and the only thing it gives you is access to the easter egg (or EAS TER EGG, as the case may be).

—Alorael, who also doubts you could miss the fight. Even a party strong enough to breeze through the Ziggurat would notice all the efreets.
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