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What is this stuff?

If you look at the definition, it quite clearly says that a bag of meal is a unit of Food.

I knew I had several bags of it so Rested my party and kept getting told I needed Food. This got quite tricky as I was on the Undead Isle at the time!

Anyway, is it useable, as Food?

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I believe it's corn meal or something similar, and I think it's used in a quest somewhere. If you want to rest, you probably should be using something lighter, like greens, anyway.

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I believe that there is a difference between Meal and Fine Meal.
One is food, the other is cornmeal you can sell.
Don't know which was which.

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I never knew why that was, so I just bought fine meal from the surface and sold it in Upper Avernum. Made quite a penny doing that too. ;) :cool:

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Right, back to Avernum it is. I'll sell it and go looking for a provisioner!

This Golem Factory is proving a little tough and I need my lot to be in peak condition and able to pop out to recharge their batteries. :D

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Fine meal is for a quest received outside of Lorelai, if I remember correctly. There's a village looking for only fine meal and will pay 25 coins for it. Not worth it, IMHO.
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Fine Meal is people!!!
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