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I'm just curious how high some of you have been able to get your Reputation up to. Personally, I got mine up to 94 (Legendary), but I'm pretty sure I got my Rep lowered by a point or two somewhere along the line, and there's bound to be a quest or three that I haven't completed (or completed and never got the reward for).

I guess my question is, what's the max possible Rep? 100? And is there a better "title" than "Legendary"?

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I think I got into the 50-60 range. This might have something to do with that fact that I live by the rule of: If it dies it was bad.

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You can't get into the negative numbers, not in any Avernum

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above legendary is "True Heroes". Im not sure what is above that.
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I settled with 68 due to attacking towns out of pure boredom.

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100 is the max, and I've gotten it. You're "true heros" at 98 or 99, I think.

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Schrodinger's A2 FAQ (on the top of the board page)--> hints--> FAQ has a list of all the ways of increasing reputation, if you want to go around and get that 100.

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