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Hey, I just have a question (Sorry if this is an old topic) but, how many people do you guys normally have for your parties? I usually only have two, a warrior-mage and warrior-priest.
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I use four, a pair of fighters and a pair of mage/priests. Doubling up on magic abilities is a good thing.

—Alorael, who occasionally gives his fighters magic skills. He's found that he usually ends up just going in with the standard hack and slash, though, so it's not worth it.
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In A1 and A2, I usually used a fighter and a mage/priest. By the end of the game, the mage/priest was trained in fighting, too (in A2 in the fight against Garzahd, the mage/priest was killing dervishes).

In A3, I actually used something pretty close to the default party.

In BoA, this all kind of went to heck and I am experimenting with many party orientations. I'd like to go back to the duo paradigm at some point, but I don't have the tactical skills for it yet.

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The first time I play the game, I use a four-character party composed of two fighters, one priest, and one mage. When I play it again I usually use one character who can fight in melee and cast both priest and mage spells.

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I once used the default party (ie, two melee fighters/archers, one priest, one mage). Then I used my own, which includes one fighter, two mages and one priest, which gives me more firepower.

Now I use only two PCs, one as heavily armed Mage/Priest/Fighter, and one as Archer/Fighter with a few priest spells like Heal and Bless. It works out wonderfully. :)

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This is my basic party.

Human warrior- Level 1 and 2 priest spells.
Slith warrior- Throwing missles.
Nephil archer- Traps, locks.
Human Mage- Item Lore
Human Priest- Alchemy

plus a few points of Mage Lore for everyone.

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This is the Avernum Trilogy board, you dunce.

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For the Avernum trilogy I like singletons. Having one character who can cast nearly every spell in the game and beat up on people in melee just really appeals to me.

On the other hand, fighting Dark Wyrms really sucks.

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The default party(with some changes in the Charactor Editor, of course ;) ).

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By the way, is it harder (and significally?) to play with incomplete party? What is the scheme for xp distribution?
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Experience is divided evenly among all party members, so a party with two members gets twice as much experience per person as a full four person party.

—Alorael, who has a much easier time with four people. However, some swear by two or three person parties as well. Singletons are almost universally agreed-upon as challenging.
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Does it have to be on torment, or is a normal difficulty one challenging as well? ;)

There are two kinds of game players...those who are newbies, and those who were.
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Even having a singleton on normal is a feat for me. Quite a few times I end up stuck in a dungeon, or in the outdoors next to a group of wandering mosters that are above my skills, etc.

(I end up using the char editor :D )

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I started using singletons, and I like that a lot more, except in the very very beginning. Also, I have another question, how many of you join the Anama(sp wrong) What I did was leave my mage in the pc storage room in Fort Emergence, then went with only my priest and joined. That way I could get the lvl 3 priest spells but still have my mage. Only drawback is that you can't buy any more mage spells..
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The singleton is always fun to use as you usually get the best of the magic and the norm. combat. Experience always acrues quicker which can make up for the lack in total potential power. In Avernum though the singleton sometimes lacks the luster that I alway found it to have in Exile. Oh well. As for the Anama I tend to dislike this especially with the singleton party since you can't really use that loophole with just one person.

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