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is ther any way to fix the game if you samashed the button bord in the corner?

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I'm sorry dude. I haven't the slightest clue to fix your problem. :(

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I assume that you mean the deactivated control panel in the northwest corner of the entrance town to the Golem Factory proper.

Since very few things in any Avernum game will actually make the game unwinnable -- none, as far as I know -- the answer is that while you can't fix the control panel, you can still do what you're supposed to do in that dungeon. If you don't know what you're supposed to do, you may also want to check out this page, specifically 5i-6: The Golem Factory.

And Solberg, that post was highly unnecessary.

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Originally written by Sweet_Pea:

is ther any way to fix the game if you samashed the button bord in the corner?
The only other way to do so, is to win the Troggle/Hill Giant quest as far as I know!

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I would have to go with what AM said.

I'll go do this on a game and see if it works
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