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Does anybody know how to get through this mission? I'm stuck in the Scenario, can't get out. The thieves keep attacking, which is not a problem; I can't get through the forest, or get beyond the hidden pathway.
How do you solve this mission? Is there something I needed, or did not get before?
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Keep working on getting through the forest. Some travel will be diagonal. Using a windows OS I found that watching the minimap was most effective in forests to determine possible pathways.
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The key to getting through the forest, which many people seem to miss, is moving diagonally. On a computer with a full keyboard, you can use the numeric keypad. On any computer, you can use the mouse. You have to step diagonally a few times to get through the woods.

—Alorael, who also highly recommends the automap. It's hard, but with some squinting you can see exactly which path to take.
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Beyond the forest is the key. :cool:

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It's a lot eaiser than in Exile. You can't see where the bandits are like you can here.

The bandits ran away from me when I got near them, ha!

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whatever... if your reputation is hogh enough then you can get them to run... but not the ones with the priests or mages with them.

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