anama treasure??

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AuthorTopic: anama treasure??
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in A3 has anyone been to the anama treasure rooms?as soon as you get to the upper section of the main temple on the right there is a fake wall. it has black shades and ur basilisks gaurding it . there are three rooms and a new bunch in each room. what is the treasure?and there are even magical barriers just wondering.

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Ahhhh, it's not worth the fight. I got to a room that had a crapload of gold and some unidentified objects and the the basilisks turned me to stone. Trust me, if you want treasure that badly, just use the editor.

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If I remember correctly, the treasury doesn't even have any magical items other than scrolls or potions. It just has some steel or blessed items that aren't as good as what you already have.

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It's fun stealing from them though. But, yeah, the treasure isnt much.
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