A Question About Scenarios

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AuthorTopic: A Question About Scenarios
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Firstly, no. I am not back, nor will I ever be, I don't think. Sorry to get your hopes up, you Me fans out there. ;)

Anyway, my question. I have no idea if this has been answered, or even asked, as of yet, but there it is anyway : What scenarios are going to be included with Blades of Avernum? Are they going to be the old three (Valley of Dying Things, A Small Rebellion (?), The Za-Kazi (sp, I'm sure, heheh. Haven't played any exile games in forever and a day. ;) ) ), or will they be three -- or perhaps more ( or even less :( ) -- new ones? Just something that has started bugging at me over the past ten minutes, and I figured I might ask you lot.

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I'm pretty sure it'll be the same three scenarios, plus one more. It depends in part on the amount of work Jeff wants to put into it whether we'll get new ones, I guess.

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Yes, Jeff has said that there will be the same three old ones and one new scenario.

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I only have the demo of BoE, so three of 'em will be new to me! :P

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Hah... I guess that would be a good thing to you. I personally don't wanna play them again that much, but I will and I am going to. Oh well... it'll still be fun at least

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Do you think he'll port Bandit Busywork? I know it's terrible, but I like it for some reason, despite the fact that it is BAD. I haven't gotten anywhere yet, but I like the hut you start in. :)

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