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A Question About Scenarios in Blades of Avernum
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Firstly, no. I am not back, nor will I ever be, I don't think. Sorry to get your hopes up, you Me fans out there. ;)

Anyway, my question. I have no idea if this has been answered, or even asked, as of yet, but there it is anyway : What scenarios are going to be included with Blades of Avernum? Are they going to be the old three (Valley of Dying Things, A Small Rebellion (?), The Za-Kazi (sp, I'm sure, heheh. Haven't played any exile games in forever and a day. ;) ) ), or will they be three -- or perhaps more ( or even less :( ) -- new ones? Just something that has started bugging at me over the past ten minutes, and I figured I might ask you lot.

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