3 anomalies/bugs?

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AuthorTopic: 3 anomalies/bugs?
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After using the char editor to increase stats there is often a 'file corruption, too high skill, reset to 0...' error. This is very annoying, since there is no indication of the real problem. What are the maximum stat levels at which the game will still be functioning properly? And why should the file be corrupted by using the built in char editor anyway?
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I have no idea why that's happening.

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Adding Exp is probably a better way of cheating, since you level up after killing just one thing. And you can add loads of it!

Edit: Oh, and what were the other bugs? That's only 1!

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I saw something somewhere about the game checking to make sure your skills approximately match your level so that your level 1 fighter doesn't have 20 strength/dexterity/whatever. If that's what you're doing, just add experience too to level him up.

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How high are you making the skills? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a limit at 127 or 255.

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In answer to each:
The skill levels are never more than the editor allows.
Yes, I know about adding xp and then levelling up, but that is a different issue.
The other anomalies were related to the editor, so I've posted them in the editor forum.

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