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AuthorTopic: BoA and Music
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Not going to happen. Too much for Jeff too code, and people can use an MP3 player or WinAmp for music.

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I think TM has provided a midi file to be played as the music for one of his BoE scenarios. I forget which one, though.

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Just include MP3s with your scenarios, if you really want music...

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Frah- what no

MP3s would take a heinously long ammount of time to download.

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Well, Echoes and Echoes: Assault are defined by mind-numbingly difficult combat and constant running around trying to stay alive, respectively. Therefore, songs of mind-numbing repetition and fast paced music (respectively) are appropriate.

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It's a nice idea, Aruneko, but I doubt it'll happen. A more successful strategy might be to recommend various pieces of music, and then give links to sites where you can download midis/MP3s of them.

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What about the background music (or at least sound) that was in A3. I wonder to what extent that will be implementable in BoA. Will we be able to customise it? (I doubt it), or will we just be able to choose between the built in ones? If its the latter, then designers could always include a sound file (optionally) with their scenarios, and just give instructions on how to install it. Even better would be if some clever programmer could just make an app which will install music into BoA (by editing the main resource file on macs, but I have no idea how on PCs). Ill have to try replacing the sounds in Avernum to see if something like that would work.

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