Avrenum Series as Blades of Avernum Scenerios.

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AuthorTopic: Avrenum Series as Blades of Avernum Scenerios.
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I would like to see the Avernum series of games recreated as scenerios for Blades of Avernum. Though I understand that Spiderweb software does not have the time nor resources to do it themselves. How ever I would be willing to do the job myself if Spiderweb software gives thier permission.
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It's a great idea, really. I've thought the same thing myself - it would be amazing to send your party between the different Avernums and see it evolve! I think there are two major problems, though:

1. Spiderweb Software is still selling the original Avernum games. If you made a perfect recreation of these avalible for free, very few would buy them. But you're asking for Spiderweb's permission and maybe you can find a solution. Perhaps they could sell the scenarios with the games?

2. The bigger problem (which someone would have remarked sooner or later anyway, probably sooner) is that you will spend the rest of your life doing this. Though you are just going to copy Avernum 1, 2 and 3 I shudder at the thought of how much time and work you will have to spend doing this, and you will probably give up after the first game at the very best. I don't know you, maybe you're some supernatural being, though to me it sounds like an almost impossible project.

But then again, it's a GREAT idea. Wish you luck.

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So you or other people can play them without registering?

There's no point, it's too much work, and a lot of the stuff can't be translated to Avernumscript.

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This is one of those ideas that pops up every now and then, along with collaboration on scenarios. They sometimes get shouted down, but sometimes we just don't bother - after all, no one ever comes close to finishing them.

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And perhaps the whole fact about me already owning the Avernum series... why would I want to play through that again? In the time it would take to complete this, you could make so much better, original stuff.

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It's unoriginal, if you can't come up with your own idea, don't steal someone else's. Fery few copies of anything are as good as the original.

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Given that it took Jeff approximately four years working full time to create A1-3, I'd say offhand that you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of finishing this endeavor. Even if you did, why? The spell system has been significantly redone for Blades, so things wouldn't work right.

A1-3 already exist. I can't imagine why you would want to recreate them.

However, recreating small portions of Avernum and setting a Blades scenario inside the Avernum universe is not a bad idea. This holds promise (or at least I would hope so, given that this is what I'm doing).

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