You dont have to read this Because It's just me being an Idiot

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AuthorTopic: You dont have to read this Because It's just me being an Idiot
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Actually, quotation marks around letters for pluralization are incorrect. You can have a's and u's and other lower case letters like that. Capital letters can be B's and P's or Ms and Rs, depending on which you prefer.

It seems that originally RPG's would have been the proper plural just as last decade would have been the 1990's. Now the preferred usage omits those apostrophes. In the 2000s, we can just play RPGs!

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From a grammar book that I read, the plural for acronyms depends on whether the acronym is usually written with or without periods. That is: one RPG, two RPGs, but one E.U., two E.U.'s. (Sorry, couldn't think of an acronym that contains dots that really would be used in the plural.)

EDIT: By the way, Alorael, Your Postliness is coming up rather shortly. Should we start buying the champagne?

And does this mean that we may speak of the roundness of many O's, but not many Os'/O's/O's' roundness?

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Yes. O's are okay. The rest are abominations in the eyes of the Illuminati.

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who farted?
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Perhaps Russel Crowe?

Interestingly you have misspelled the word retarded, although I am not aware of the current usage in Australia :rolleyes:

culpam poena premit comes
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As far as I know, that message is correct, and no Australians say Australian slang in Australia, but Australians suddenly become far more Australian outside Australia and so use Australian slang. Imagine that all the uses of the words "Australia", "Australian" and "Australians" were abbreviated to "A" and work out the grammar.

And the title of your post, lemmy, becomes more and more applicable further and further into this thread. Where are the moderators when you need them?

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Unfortunately, I only moderate the Editor forum, so I can't do anything about it.

lemmy - Statements like that aren't acceptable here, so you can expect to be banned in the near future. You could always try desperance, though.

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Creator, you are a horrible person.

That is all.

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