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AuthorTopic: School of Magery
Shock Trooper
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What are the possible orders you can give to that magical computer in the School of Magery?

By the way, sorry I can't reply topics on this board. I don't know enough about Blades of Avernum yet.
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As far as I know just one order, Pythras the dragon will tell you....

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Shock Trooper
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I'm now in the lower school. Now I'm stuck there.
-How do you get past the magical gates?
-Where is the key to the hall in the experimental halls? (You know, with all those Chitrach Larvae and Mung Rats)
-Where is this stone the Vahnatai spoke off, whatever it's called, which you need to use the control panels?
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1. See the Vahnatai (look for them.)
SPOILER: ...............................

They will tell you to go to the Big Friendly Spiders and ask them about the stone.

2. Don't worry about the crystal yet. When you need it, you'll know. Just make sure you have it. ;)

Note: I'm going by the BoE version of VoDT, so this may not be accurate information.

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They're still basically equivalent. All your instructions are correct for BoA.

What really went on there, we only have this excerpt...
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