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AuthorTopic: repairing a scenario [VoDT]
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I wasn't sure if this whould go to this board or the editor board, but does anyone know how to repair a scenario where you have killed some one. I was all high on my guys killing the talking spiders and wound up eliminating the chief talking spider. I have the editor but have no idea how to edit the story line to fix my mistake :)

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Same question was asked here . I say try to reset the town using the Character Editor first.

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Is it just me or does everybody like killing those mobs? I'd think anybody who had played at least one of the other series would know not to try that. :P

Or you could just go by this plan: If it doesn't talk, kill it. :D

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Thanks Keladon, I overlooked that one when i went through the forum last time.

One question still remains is how to reset the hostility factor. I managed to recreate the spiders so that they exist again. but unfortunately I can't approach the chief before they are launching themselves at me in a frrenzy of aracanid blood lust.

man I hate spiders

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I think you have to leave the town then reset it.
If you reset while still in town I believe it will still be hostile.
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just an update.

the best Idea I had was to set all the memory cells to 0 for each of the spiders. this has the unexpected behaviour of eliminating 3 of the seven spiders, and still leaving the remaining four mad at me.

Logic says that since this information ir related to my current party, then would the information be kept somewhere with the current campaign?
can you edit the saved game data?

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Originally written by cnhn2000:

the best Idea I had was to set all the memory cells to 0 for each of the spiders.
Ouch... I hope you remember those numbers, otherwise the spiders are permanently messed up. The memory cells keep track of the character's dialogue and movement behavior.

I suggest you have your chars exit the scenario and then re-enter. Its the cleanest solution.

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