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AuthorTopic: Ranking...
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How is the rank on the main screen for your different PC's done? I checked the Docs... Nothing.

Right now I just completed VoDT, with everyone at level 11.
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Yeah, I noticed that too. I dunno how it's figured, but it seems fairly cool to me. At the end of VoDT mine were: Swashbuckler, Rogue, and Conjurer.

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My character alternates between archmage and archpriest, if I remember correctly.

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I would guess that it's based on a combination of level, skill, and style used to play the character. Since I haven't actually done much with BoA, a situation I am hastily rectifying, I say this with absolutely no authority.

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it probably has something to do with what skills you lift over lvl 5...a lvl20 tool use wont be an archmage =/
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