Magus of Cattalon - Oh, for a hair of the dog.

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AuthorTopic: Magus of Cattalon - Oh, for a hair of the dog.
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In the depths of the giant fortress, I came across some alcohol of dubious nature. Oh my, thought I, now I'm drunk. How delightfully naughty. Except it doesn't seem to be going away. And I don't seem to be able to damage anything anymore. And nothing seems to cure drunkenness. So... HALP
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I think drunkenness may only go away with time; Divine Restoration might remove it, since it removes webs, but even if it does and you have priest who can normally cast it, I'm not sure if he/she could while drunk.

I would say your options are probably to hide in a corner and wait for a really long time, or to use the character editor. If you can get outside resting would be a good way to kill the time to get rid of it.

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Drunkenness only effects Dexterity, so you should be in the clear for casting spells. Of course, if with the drunkenness also comes Dumbfounding, you might have a problem.

And I think the only way to sober up is with time. Not even Divine Restoration helps. Of course, my memory could be a little rusty.

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If I remember correctly that drunkenness only starts to wear off once you've reached the second part of the fortress.

Some of these BoA scenarios might be good:
Backwater Calls, Magus of Cattalon, Rats Aplenty, Outpost Valley
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Moral: Never drink anything brewed by a species more than 6 feet taller than you.

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