Permanent consequences of criminality?

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AuthorTopic: Permanent consequences of criminality?
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Is there a permanent consequence to being a criminal (taking "NY" items / killing NPCs)?

For example, if I join a scenario, slaughter a town, then leave the scenario, will my party be criminal in future scenarios? If I take NY items too, will they stay NY'ed after the scenario?

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First, if you are careful and no one sees you take an NY item then there are no consequences. Save first since sometimes someone will see you that you didn't notice.

Second, what happens doesn't follow from scenario to scenario.

Third, there are cheat codes to remove some of the consequences if you really need to fix something to finish the scenario.

It helps to have multiple saved games in case something goes wrong. You can always delete the extras later on when you are done with the scenario.
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In many instances, a hostile or slaughtered town won't even follow you to the other towns in the scenario. So as long as you don't need the town to win the scenario, feel free to pillage away.

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Just a note: Jeff uses a crime tolerance of 3 in his scenarios, and many designers follow suit. This means that you often get two 'free steals' where you can steal right in front of people without consequences.

This varies from scenario to scenario, though. If the author is lazy he may not set crime tolerance at all. If he's particularly draconian he may simply auto kill you for stealing. It depends.

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Originally written by Lazarus.:

If he's particularly draconian he may simply auto kill you for stealing.
As in, say, the HLPM.

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