Magical Effects?

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AuthorTopic: Magical Effects?
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I'm playing the 1st Scenario on the Demo.

Is there a list of Magical Effects and there icons for Blades of Avernum? One of my characters has one that's there all the time.

If I go to the healer will she be able to remove it. The icon is light grey, round and looks like a snowflake.

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Does that character have less AP? Have you walked through any webs lately? If so, you're covered in spider webs. Just wait a couple of turns and they'll go away.

You should be able to find a list of all effects in the PDF instructions.

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You can consult the "Blades of Avernum Manual, Order Form" which is a pdf that can be found in the Blades of Avernum data folder. There is a section in there called "Conditions" that lists all the magical effects.

It sounds, though, like you are webbed. Webs slow your characters, and must be cleaned by pausing several times (Hit the wait button until the webs disappear.)

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If it looks like a spiderweb your covered in webs. If it looks like a dark mark you have the Dread Curse.
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Dread Curse is a skill, not a status. It's the regular curse that reduces hit chance and power that's a status.

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