Rats Aplenty (or how do I set a flag ingame?)

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AuthorTopic: Rats Aplenty (or how do I set a flag ingame?)
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Trying out Rats Aplently, which by the way is a great scenario. It has just one little problem. You are supposed to save 4 "ancient" items to open a door with (I think), but I didn't. It wasn't obvious so I sold the items, but I sold a bunch of other stuff as well and now I can't buy them back. How do I set a flag? I saw a post about geneforge 4 that you can use Shift + D to enter a command to set a flag but that doesn't work in BoA so what do I do?

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Go to the character editor on the main screen, load your game, go to advanced features, click on the SDF option, and enter the SDF you want to change in one number at a time, save your game (probably under a different name), open your game, and see if it worked.

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If your version of BoA supports debug mode, then open up the scenario script (in this case 'rats.txt') and insert the code
turn_on_debug_mode();somewhere in the load_scen_state.

If it works you'll get a message when you load game. Type: }= to turn on debug, then shift+f to set a flag. You'll get three boxes, x coordinate, y coordinate, and value respectively. Make sure to turn off debug when you're done by hitting }= again, else you can walk through walls and other stuff that breaks the game.

If you get an error, then your version doesn't support debug. You'll have to place a special in a town, and link it to a state in that town with the line: set_flag(x,y,increment);

Hope that helped.

Edit: When you said 'ingame' I assumed you couldn't use the editor for some reason. If this isn't the case, then Diki's response is the much simpler one, and doesn't require opening scripts.

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Instead of using the editor to set flags, use the editor to give yourself new copies of the ancient items.
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If you have the character editor, why not just give yourself the ancient items using the Advanced Features. The numbers for the ancient items are 456-459. For the record I didn't thought about the items disappearing from the shops if the player would sell them. Guess I ought to change their value to zero.

Edit: Curse you Imban! Well at least I knew the item numbers.

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Phew. I couldn't figure out what the item numbers were and looking more closely at the script I realized with one minor change I could solve the whole problem :)

Thank you all though.

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