I'm feeling sadistic

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AuthorTopic: I'm feeling sadistic
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But Lazzie, what you're doing isn't exactly a save point now is it? Since you can't stop people from saving but rather check if their save is in a legitimate spot when they load their game it's really a load point.

May I suggest that you just kill the party whose save isn't in a right spot. If you only give them stat penalties or something then here' what I see would happen: 1) The stat penalties are too low so they don't bother the player. 2) They're too severe so the player must restart anyway.

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Pangea software uses save points, though in Pangea software's games it's worse: you can only save upon completing an entire level. I can tell you I really hate that, for reasons already mentioned in this thread: if I can't save just before a big battle (for instance) and I lose somehow, I'd try a second time. however, if i have to try it a third time, chances are i'll just stop playing. That is, unless the scenario is very good and I'm curious about the end of it all.

Is there any specific reason you want to do this, or is it just to experiment, with no real ties to the plot?

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Well my original idea was to just boot them from the scenario if they loaded an improper file. The problem with that is that if a player accidentally saves over their save file with an improper one, they're screwed. Which would tick off a lot of people. It can be fixed-- TM's system is about a million times better-- but I'm too lazy to go back and fix Frostbite to make it work.

Oh, and "Load Point" just doesn't have the same ring to it. :P

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