Problem in Exporting Exodus Items

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AuthorTopic: Problem in Exporting Exodus Items
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Hey all,

Im having a problem with the Goblin Cloak and Rakshasha Cloak after coming out of Exodus...they'r showing up as Bitter loss and withering scrolls....What can I do to include them in the Game engine or something??

Im not much of a programmer or scripter to work that out myself :(
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You would have to be a scripter to make it work. :(

I haven't played Exodus yet, but I'm guessing that these items either have custom graphics (the graphic for them is in the Exodus folder) or have a special effect when you use them. In either case, the item simply cannot be taken out of the scenario; the game wouldn't know what to do with it (for the same reason, you can't use that curing rod outside of Valley of Dying Things). The only possible way you could deal with this is to alter the basic scenario data files and the standard graphics. However, this has the chance of making other scenarios not work. It's not recommended.

So, no, there's no way.

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Or you could edit the Exodus data file and make the items a standard graphic, if that's the problem. If they call a script, then it won't work.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for those replies...Did abt 10 mins of EXODUSDATA the Item modification section, Kel has put the begindefineitem for both these cloaks as 262 and 263...these 2 numbers are assigned by deafult for the Scrolls....thats y i got those scrolls....

I just changed those numbers to 270 and 271...and saved it..

Then loaded back the save game jus before finishing the scenario and gave me the items 270, 271 thru char edit...i felt that was not cheating (!!! Yah...never cheated once thruout the whol gamin experience)...

then u get these items, wen ur outta the scnerio.

Hey Kel,

U gotta add that to ur list of things to be changd in ver 1.0.1 of exodus man!!
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Really? It works to replace the default Shield Ring and Ring of Health with custom items but not the scrolls?

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From the BoA Editor Docs:
Constant Item Types You should be careful about editing the default item types, as many creatures give them as rewards. In addition, some of the default item types must be left alone. The game expects them to be unchanged from scenario to scenario. They are:
Food – Items 4 to 12 and 397 to 400.
Javelins, Arrows, Bolts - Items 84 to 88 and 99 to 108.
Alchemy Ingredients, Basic Potions, Scrolls - Items 214 to 263. All the Tools - Items 171 to 178.
Crystals and Dust - Items 326 to 329 and 435 to 439.

This is probably whats happening. Most default items can be overwritten no problem, because once the party has an item, all of it's data is stored, so it doesn't matter if an item of type19 that the party has is not the same as an item of type 19 in the current scenario. (Though this can be annoying.) These items are more special, so designers should generally avoid messing with them.

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Those are all stackable items, correct?

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Yes, I think that's the idea, although some stackables are not included, notably the enchanted projectiles like acid bolts, arrows of light, and bolts of life.

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