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I ACTUALLY managed to churn out a new original monster graphic. Hopefully someone will find it useful. Goodness knows I fought enough of them in BOE...


I have also submitted this to the Louvre (a process which I hopefully did correctly), but as it was a gif file it will be slightly lower quality there
(though it is not really that perceptible in game). You can download the higher quality png file at my site.

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An Illithid? Hmm. I'm certain it'll be put to use.

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Originally written by Kuber:

An Illithid? Hmm. I'm certain TM will put it to use.

(Very good stuff, though.)

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Hey it's a graphic's site I've never been too. And it has.... monster graphics!

wOOt indeed. Keep up the good work.

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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Aha! One of those is just what I've been looking for.

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TM will be pleased.

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TM is pleased.
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Wow... I am impressed indeed. I thought of doing something like that, but my artistic ability is more or less completely limited to color variations.

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I tried to make a crapper once (Really how do you expect avernites\exiles to go whithout the proper materials ),but it turned out looking more like cher so i used it as a monster.

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That's so pretty, I wouldn't mind having my brains suck out by that Flayer.

My graphics attempts sucked. One of the characters in my scenario needs a graphic. After a few failed attempts, he is now a happy face ( :) ) and will remain that way until I do a graphics call pre-beta.

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