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AuthorTopic: the inventory thing thing
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who here are going to be annoyed by the inventory thing being on the left
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i know i would because im just so use to the avernum set up. i think avernum disabled me from playing other types of games :(

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It'll bug me. Also, was there even a reason to change it to the other side?

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I'll be annoyed by it, because I'm gonna keep clicking the message box and going north until I get used to it. Then I'm gonna have to get used to having it back on the left when I play any other Avernum games... :(

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I will get used to it; there is now other way than get used to it.

And in fact it doesnt bother me so much; at least Jeff didnt redesing the hole inventory system.... :)

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I'm not bothered at all by it. It'll be weird at first, but I'll get used to it as everything.

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I'm hoping Jeff has it so you can tell it to be on the side you want it on. I would think the engine would be designed to allow that without too much trouble. Otherwise why would he move it to that side? He sure wouldn't do it to add more work (I would hope).
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I don't know why Jeff decided to change the position of the status screen to the left. It will be somewhat annoying for many old Avernum jockeys, but it isn't the first Spiderweb game with the stat screen on the left. Nethergate's status was on the left after all.
Maybe Jeff just got tired of having the screen on the right all the time. The Avernum series, the Geneforge series, the entire Exile series... I guess he wanted a change. Then again, these are very preliminary. He might just decide that he had a good thing going with the last design, and everything gets put back as it had been. Frankly, I don't think it is that important a feature. If all the hype Jeff is putting towards this is justified, I think few people will even notice. Between the "Avernum"ing of BoE and the ability to write your own scenarios in the Avernum engine... even the original BoE scenarios will be revamped.
Who knows... maybe in the Avernum engine, Jeff will be able to make the Za-Khazi Run fun to play.
Then again, maybe Ornks will fly...

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I'll get used to it. What else can I do. (
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Yeh, the screenshots kinda remind me of Nethergate as well.
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