Avernum games as scenerios for BOA?

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AuthorTopic: Avernum games as scenerios for BOA?
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Would it be possible to turn the Avernum series into scenerios for Blades of Avernum? Then after you complete the first installment you could start up the next one with all your stats and items. Spiderweb could make it so that these scenerios would only be available to those who have registered the coresponding Avernum games.
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That would just be a huge waste of time for Jeff. It would take him months to do it, and what for? People can buy the games anyway. Playing through with the same party is hugely unbalancing, and the games already refer to the previous parties as being old and retiring.

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Yea. While I always wanted to use my same party to conquer the whole series, I left out the little thing called 'balance'. Not to worry though. There WILL be plenty of great stories to be told.

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I don't see whay you couldn't take your party members sans special stuff from one scenario to another?

The best thing I can think of to preserve a party from one scenario in a series to another is to build a "Party-level builder," similar to what's done in BoE, but build it into the scenario itself. With 200 towns possible in BoA, space should not be an issue. For example, suppose you have special item "Flask of endless Water" in part two of a three-part scenario. In the beginning of part three, force the player through a town where s/he can pick up that special item for use in the third scenario.

More work for the designer, but this should work for those few who will design a multi-scenario story.

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There's nothing wrong with transferring parties from one scenario to another, but by the end of one trilogy game your party is too powerful to be much fun in the beginning of the next game.

—Alorael, who even thinks that such an item retrieval town could be made to mesh with the story. Have an important character return items to the party after they were loaned, or given for safekeeping. Or have the first town be a messy campsite where the party can just pick up basic supplies along with important items.
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Well yea, but I was refering to the Avernum/Exile trilogy.

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Well you could just boost up how strong the creatures are in the next game, like Avernum monsters will be the same, Avernum 2 they will raise bye like 10 to 20 lvls from what they were in Exile, and Avernum 3 every thing will be like 30+ lvls from what they were originally in Avernum 1 or just add 10 lvl's to what ever lvl the creatures were in Avernum 2. Its sort of like making game modes for the game, like A1= Easy/normal, A2=Hard , and finally A3=God Mode. :P

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Didn't someone start making "Exile II Replica" on BoE then he sent it out on the boards. I can't remember who though...
Someone could do that, just the terrain sort of thing...
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