Combat in scenarios

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AuthorTopic: Combat in scenarios
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I always thought it was intersting how the AI could be pretty dumb at times. Plus, i remeer in BoE wanting to limit the enemey to certain spells or give them access to others. The spell level was very ... vague, i suppose. Didn't give you much control of what they would do.

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I seriously hope the AI will be able to check for the statuses the enemies/friendlies already have. One of the stupidest things monsters do in Avernum is that they slow you, then slow you again the next turn, or they haste themselves so they can haste themselves twice more the next turn. Makes no sense. They should also know which spell to use to counteract resistances, so monsters would stop casting fireblast on fire lizards or ice lances on the undead.

I doubt this will be a possibility, but I wish summoning spells would get better with your bonus. I mean sure, you can get more monsters and make them last longer with bonus but they usually become so weak against your enemies that the number and duration of them doesn't matter anymore. I'd like it so that you'd either summon more powerful monsters or your summoned monsters would have bonuses, like extra health or higher hit percentage, etc...

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