Is it just me or is this board slowing down?

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AuthorTopic: Is it just me or is this board slowing down?
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I've been looking at the dates and stuff of recently posted stuff and I've noticed that it has been pretty slow this week.
Am I wrong or what?
Please tell me that I'm wrong because I've been to so many boards that didn't make it because people just stopped posting!
:( :( :(

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This board will not die - it's just that some days are slower than others.

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Yeah this forum is no-where near dying...just a bit slow this week. I guess everyone is busy working on scenarios hehehe.

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I don't know that it has been slow. I wasn't here for a few days and when I came back I selected 'show last 10 days'. There were 4 pages of posts, so it's been reasonably busy.

EDIT: Although, on second thoughts, I think at least one of those 4 pages may have been the 30 or so topics that all received posts from one person on the same day. So maybe the board is slowing as the rush from the windows release dies down.

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It'll speed up again once we see some really good scenarios coming out.

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Or at least some scenarios with a lot of bugs.

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It was really quiet right before the Windows release, too...perhaps all the "I can't find this in the docs" questions are over so people need less help.

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Why on earth did you post this in BoA Editor?

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Because this is the forum he thought was slowing down.


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