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Is it possible to create graphics larger than 2 icons? I've tired mixing 2 icon high graphics with a custom floor (bottom 1/3).

I know previous games have taller graphics, but was the capability not included in BoA?

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No, previous games did not have taller graphics.

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Sure about that? The spire in Nethergate is three icons high (Judging from the image's inclusion in Avernum files), and three icons exist for one pillar style in Avernum 2 (I presume the same graphic is used in 1 and 3, but am not sure). Check G724. Not sure if all three are used in the second case.

That said, I don't think it's possible in BoA.

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The three-space pillar is indeed used in A1-2, although IIRC, Jeff dropped it in A3. A damn shame, too- that pillar was friggin' awesome!
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If you weren't goin to have anything on the space directly above the space where you wanted to put the graphic, you could put a two-part terrain there, leave the bottom blank, and then use the upper part to make the upper third of the other graphic. If you made it so the party could wak through it, it would be pretty much like one terrain. If that didn't make sense, sorry.
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Oh, I figured out a another method using 1 space.

Use a custom floor with the bottom third + floor type.

Then use a 2 part terrain with any needed offsets to line it up.

The gripe would be making a unique floor. But there is plenty of free space in the floor lists so I have no worries.

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